My phone got stolen how do i track it? find my device

It’s a sinking feeling when you realize your phone got stolen. Whether it was lost or stolen, your first instinct is probably to panic.

It can be a harrowing experience to have your phone stolen. Not only do you lose your valuable device, but you may also lose important data and contact information. However, But don’t worry, there are ways to track your phone and hopefully get it back. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of tracking a lost or stolen phone.

How To Find Lost Mobile Phone (Smartphone Tips) In today’s busy life, we carry the important technology item of life with us smartphone, most of the people are with the smartphone at this time, now life without a smartphone is also available. It seems incomplete. If our smartphone is lost or stolen. In such a situation, we get very upset. Who is not interested in getting the lost smartphone back, everyone makes every effort.

Track stolen phone easy

My phone got stolen how do i track it

Through this article, we are going to tell you about a special trick, with the help of which you can find your stolen or lost smartphone. In case of theft or loss of smartphone, you ought to follow this trick immediately. After following this trick, the probabilities of finding your lost or stolen smartphone increases significantly. This trick is incredibly easy. All you’ve got to try and do is follow some steps to locate the phone. Let us know about them in detail –

Get another device To track Stolen Phone

if Smartphone is stolen In case of theft or loss of smartphone, you have to get another device without delay. After this, download the Find My Device app from the Google Play Store on the second device. On the subsequent step, you have got to open the Find My Device app and login to the Gmail ID, which was the login in your stolen or lost smartphone.

Let us tell you that the GPS of your smartphone is turned on. In this situation you may be able to easily track your smartphone. Whereas if the one who stole your smartphone and tampered with it. In such a situation, the chances of getting your mobile phone will be greatly reduced. In this situation, you have to immediately go to the nearest police station.

By going to your nearest police station, you will have to write a report of your stolen or lost smartphone. Apart from this, you furthermore may need to block your SIM card. This trick to trace smartphone is merely for Android mobile phones.

don’t delay in this situation

If your smartphone is lost or stolen, then do not delay it at all, the more you delay, the more you will be less likely to get the phone, let us tell you that whenever your mobile phone is lost, on the same day this trick You can use it and after that if there are any problems, then you should immediately file a complaint with the closest police office.

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Find Lost Mobile Using Google’s Find My Device service

  • Go to  or download the “Google Find My Device” app from the Play Store. 
  • Now sign in to your Google Account.
  • If you have more than one phone, click Lost phone at the top of the screen.
  • Next, if you have more than one user profile on your lost phone, sign in with the Google account that is on the main profile. 
  • The lost phone gets a notification.
  • On the map, you’ll find information about where the phone is.
  • Location is approximate and may not be exact.
  • If your phone cannot be found, you will see its last known location when it’s available.

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